A Dutch design and textile printing company since 1846

Its origins are in batik printing for Indonesia but most of its history is in wax printing for West and Central Africa. From its beginning in Africa over 100 years ago Vlisco’s story is the story of African women. A group of exceptional, entrepreneurial women in Togo, called the ‘Nana Benz’ because of their liking for Mercedes cars, traded Vlisco cloth and influenced the choices of design and colour. African women took Vlisco prints into their hearts and into their culture; creating names for the designs, stories around their meaning and beautiful garments to express their individuality.

Vlisco is about African women and its love for Africa. It is also about its unique and complex wax-printing process and its magical designs, created in the Netherlands for African consumers. To work for Vlisco is to work in a company with the world’s biggest textile archive and with a factory that is steeped in expertise, still in Helmond, the place where it started. It is to work in a design-led company which honours and respects African women and which acknowledges the vibrancy and strength of Africa.



Current openings

Currently we don't have any open positions.


Currently we have no Internships available. If new internships and new vacancies will occur, they will be posted above. 


Nice to meet you!

Our Recruitment team

Heleen Poirters
Recruitment Manager
Sjoerd Heijmans
Corporate Recruiter
Willeke Bekkers
Recruitment Trainee

Stay in touch

Vlisco is thinking of you in these days of uncertainty and fear.

In the Netherlands, the original Dutch wax factory is now closed for 7 weeks and our workers are at home. If you have any questions regarding Recruitment at Vlisco, please contact our Recruitment Manager, Heleen Poirters via WhatsApp or a call. You can contact her at +316-29217076. 


Binnen Parallelweg 27, Helmond (5701 PH)

Vlisco Netherlands

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